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Build Client relationships with ICEE

" Grow and nurture" client relationship

At Jai Financial I send out an email around once a month. This goes to JaiFin clients and friends. This is the “Educate” part of the ICEE process for client engagement and it applies to many types of business. We are learning as we go along and will share with you what we learn.

ICEE is Innovate | Communicate | Educate | Execute


Share new ideas outside of your regular scope of work that will help your clients open up to new ideas, and over time expand their scope.

-> How? Social media like LinkedIn / FB and IG are the easiest ways to do this by sharing what you are working on and industry news with #’s and @’s


Phone calls and meetings. Regular conversational communication keeps your dialogue open and honest, and your client will be aware of your progress, opportunities, challenges, and results to date. It has to be regular and it has to be followed up.

-> How? Call regularly at least once a month, create follow up points and do them.


Educate yourself and your client as often as possible. The more you know about the industry and your client’s business, the more you’ll become a valuable resource with the knowledge you share.

-> How? Send a weekly/monthly email that includes content (articles, videos, white papers, news) that is relevant to your client’s industry and business, events your client might want to attend, and opportunities that will help grow company profile. This attention will show your client that you’re constantly paying attention and thinking about them. You’re also helping them stay on top of their business when they might not have the time.


Delivering results is the most important component of sustaining long-term client relationships. It proves to your client that you can execute the ideas you’ve put forward, and that you’re providing more than just expensive consulting.

-> How? Tell your clients what you are doing and how you are doing it, set deadlines and beat them. When working on a project a daily recap email works wonders, when its regular delivery email should be regular time in the month.

The key to success is building relationships that go beyond one-time projects and provide value to your client on a consistent, ongoing basis . In the long run you are actually developing a partnership with the client. A client who determines you’re in it for the long haul, and that you’re actively motivated to help him or her succeed, soon begins to see you as more than just a vendor or supplier. You become a partner in their enterprise and someone they grow to value today, tomorrow and in the years to come.

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