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What do you do?


We make and record the financial transactions in your business, ensure they are properly documented and report financial performance to you while ensuring your business is compliant with tax and other corporate obligations.

What does that mean?


For Sales we make quotes, send invoices and collect payments. We calculate payroll and set up the bank transactions for you to authorise. We check supplier invoices, record them and set up bank transactions for you to authorise. We make employment contracts, apply for visas, advise on and review commercial contracts - if its a process we do it. 

How does it work?


We meet with you and recommend a process for each workflow (sales, payroll and purchases). We then brief our team, set your business up on and and we start. Once we are engaged you should have little in any admin or paperwork to do, around 45 mins twice a week to review transactions and approve payments.

Why are you different?


We operate your business as if we are your in house finance team (as if our jobs depend on the success of your business). We are open every day, we support all transactions, we feedback advice based on your transactions and trends. We make your business more professional in the eyes of clients, investors, vendors and staff.

Can we trust you to be our finance team?


The relationship works best with trust yes, this is the same as it would be if you hire your own accountant. Information files are segregated and confidential details are not shared with other clients. We take our responsibilities seriously.

What sort of clients do you have?


Recruitment Firm - 5 staff fully outsourced | Creative Agency - 20 staff fully outsourced | Wholesale distribution - 4 staff | Investment Holding Company - 5 Portfolios | Travel Agency - 3 Country Operations

Our client principals tend to be busy, often travel and needs things processed professionally on time to help them increase revenue and profitability.

Why do you do it?


All of our staff have worked in large and small finance departments, what they get from working at Jai Financial is a broad range of new experiences and the chance to develop and apply most efficient processes on a daily basis by learning from each client's business. For service professionals this is deeply motivating.

We believe that we provide a better and more professional complete and professional service than our competition, available every week of the year without holidays, MC or resignations and that our cost is significantly less than hiring you own internal accountant.

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