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What does Jai Financial do?


As a team and individuals we strive to be excellent accountants. Our goals are to understand your business demands, solve issues with complex and unusual transactions on your behalf, give you confidence with up to date financial information and help you achieve your financial objectives.


Business is organic and like a tree that may compete for sunlight above ground it cannot do anything  above the ground without a stable and established root system below ground. We are part of the business root system to our clients. 

We know we have met our objectives when you become confident in your financial position and performance and are able to make informed business decisions quickly.

Why do we do it?

We know what freedom and success the support of excellent accountants brings. We are happy when we make a client's life easier and their business better. This is why we come to work.

"A brand is a mission, a mission that becomes a promise, a promise that is never broken" James Ient | Founder | Jai Financial 

Investment Hold Co. Monthly Fees from SGD 75 / month. 
Active Business Monthly Fees from SGD 500 / month. 

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Set Up and Bookkeeping

We are registered filing agents and offer corporate directors allowing us to set up everything you need from bank accounts through to vendor contracts and leasing.

We use all cloud systems. Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB and Netsuite are the most common.